investor is a trade copy service where you, as an investor, are able to follow trades of one or multiple experts and decide how much you want to allocate to each expert without ever sending anyone your funds. Just keep your account at the exchange and if you do not have one yet we will help you set one up.


We have been successfully trading crypto currencies and other markets for years and as lucrative and hot as this market is right now there wasn’t a way for investors to copy other traders automatically until now.

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Start Trading With The Winning Professionals On Your Side

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If you are looking for experts to help you with trading crypto currencies you can start by first copying their trades while you learn how to trade and pick good markets to buy and sell.

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Our Copier Performance

Our copier runs continuously on our server. We execute many trades every day for our experts and investors. Here are some relevant statistics to consider.

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How Does It Work?

Here is how the copier works: You, as an investor, simply select an expert or experts that you want to copy trades from. Once you are signed up, the only actions needed on your part, are to setup your exchange API keys, assign allocation percentage for each expert, and ensure live trading is set to true.


Once you’ve taken care of the above, you are all set. There are no codes that you need to run or signals for you to manually input. Our software will handle the trade copying automatically on your behalf. We monitor your experts trading activity and as soon as there is a trade, we calculate all the necessary parameters and execute a trade in your exchange account.


Any cryptocurrencies, other than the base currency pairs of BTC, ETH, and USDT on the exchange, that you purchase independently of the trade copier will be unaffected. As well as any coins that you have personally purchased will not be affected.


The copier works based on trade percent amount. So, for example, if your expert takes a position in XYZ coin for a total of 10% of his account value and you are 100% allocated to that expert, then CopyMe copier will also execute a trade in your account in the amount of 10% of your account value. If you have allocated 65% of your account to that expert, then it will execute 6.5% of your account instead of 10%.


The only thing you have to make sure of is that you have enough available base currency (BTC, ETC, etc) that your expert trades with, in your exchange account. How much is enough? First, you must meet the exchanges minimum order amount (let’s say about $10 per trade to be safe). That means that if your expert executes a 5% order, you must have at least $200 in your account total value (at 100% expert allocation as an example). This also means that you need to have at least 10% or higher in available base currency to avoid missed trades.


Every time there is a trade execution, you will be notified via email with the order details and if there were any errors and how to fix them.


When the expert exits a position, you too will exit it. Automatically. You can also pause any trading activity with one click in your back office and change allocation at any time.


Please note, if you decide to exit a portion of a copied position in your account, you will be taking full control of that position from there out and our software will leave further decision making for that position up to you. If you would like it to remain synced and automatic, it’s best practice to allow your experts to control when to exit the position.



Supported Exchanges

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