Experts was created out of necessity for our own group of investors to trade and manage a portfolio of crypto currencies. Since we all have varying account sizes, time commitment and trading experience, we originally wanted to have just one trading account to buy and sell crypto coins.


As you can imagine not everybody was comfortable with their money sitting in someone else’s account. So we decided to put our heads together and come up with a ‘trade copier’ service that just works. There is no additional software to load for either you – the trader, or your investors/followers.


You simply keep trading as you normally would while your trades are copied to your individual investors automatically, in real time.


You are free to set your own price for your services and we take care of billing and customer service issues. Our goal is to connect our investors with quality traders and handle everything that doesn’t have to do with trading so you can focus on your craft while multiplying your income and following.

Unlimited Investors

Provide your trades to thousands of potential investors and followers without changing the way you trade now

API Integration

There is no special platform or software to install. You can keep your current trading method and exchange

Trade Copier

We help your followers and new investors copy your cryptocurrency trades seamlessly, in real time, automatically

Secure Transactions

We do not ask for, collect or store your funds or investors' funds. Your money is kept on the exchanges

Estimate Your Revenue

You set your own monthly subscription price for your service.

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Your Revenue*
$50/mo example
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Fast Order Execution

We connect directly to the exchange's API which insures fast and reliable trade executions.

Maintain Control Of Your Funds

We never ask you or investors send us or anyone else any bitcoin or fiat currency. All transactions are done on the exchanges.

24/7 Customer Support

Being there for you and your clients is our number one priority. We are always here via email and live chat.

Trade on the exchange

There is no additional software or app to load. You can keep trading on your exchange as usual.

We help you gain investors

There are thousands of traders and investors who are looking for someone like you to copy their trading ideas from, we connect you together.

Multiply your trading income

You will be able to charge your clients on a monthly bases a set fee that you choose, this way, you will be multiplying your trading income manyfold.

Unlimited investors

There is no limit how many clients you can have, be it 10 or 10,000. The sky is the limit.

Set your own price

You know better than anyone else how much your services are worth to individuals who will be following your trades. You can set a monthly subscription price from $5 a month to $500 a month or more.

Trade any crypto currency

We set no limit on what instruments you decide to trade. The only limits are those of the exchanges themselves.

Let’s Work Together To Help Traders And Investors Around The World

Free to join, no fees

Monthly payouts

We help your investors with setup

Trade right on the exchange

Multiply your trading income

You set your own price

We take care of the billing

You keep trading as usual

Seamless API integration

Complete order flexibility

You keep x% of revenue

Let your followers copy your trades

Supported Exchanges