Crypto Grow Performance


After more than three years of research and development, we have finally decided to publish and share with you our fully operational trading algorithm.

Core idea behind Crypto Grow is coming from one simple but nevertheless powerful advice from the famous W. Buffet : “Rule N°1: Never lose money. Rule N°2: Never forget rule No. 1.” In fact, crypto is a new asset that could bring huge profits. But if not manage correctly, crypto volatility will make it hard to survive on long term.

That’s why we developed Crypto Grow algorithm:

• Non human : We think that human is by default suffering from greed, fear and misunderstanding. Key factors that generally lead to bad decisions and serious losses

• Avoiding no trade zone like ranging : Risks are too high for too little profits for long term

• Catching strong trends

• Ability to Long and Short : Both bull and bear markets are suitable for the algorithm to make profits


What Crypto Grow is:

• Crypto Grow is a robust strategy that has beaten the simple Buy&Hold BTC strategy for the last three years, survived all various market conditions

• An algorithm that uses only high market capitalization coins. We don’t like shady tokens. Also liquidity is important to automate trades.

• Transparent : All trading history is accessible

• An algorithm designed to make long term constant profits

• An algorithm designed to minimize trading fees


What Crypto Grow is not:

• High frequency trading bot : This version of the bot usually takes a trade every 2 days in average

• An algorithm that promises you to be millionaire in a matter of days


Regarding past performances and statistics:

• We are targeting 300% of profits / year for your total portfolio , with trading fees already included (0.075% per trade on Bitmex) For example, if you dedicated 5000 $ in January, you would end up with 20 000 $ at end of year Our backtests showed us even giver results but past performances never predict the future

• Max drawdown of Crypto Grow algorithm is below 30% It means that since inception of the strategy, the biggest loss on total portfolio represents 30% We designed Crypto Grow to maximize profits and reduce max drawdown which is one of the most important criteria to judge robustness of trading/investing strategies

• Crypto Grow algorithm is focused main crypto coins/tokens like BTC, ETH If we gather enough requests to add a new crypto coins/tokens to our list, it would be a pleasure for us to develop and adapt our Crypto Grow algorithm to implement it


– Crypto Grow Team.



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