We are very excited to tell you the good news today!

After months of working on integrating Binance with CopyMe we are ready to roll it out to our experts and investors.

Having Binance is great for many reasons:

– Binance is becoming world’s most popular exchange
– One of the most secure exchanges available
– Binance has 65 more coins than Bittrex
– #1 exchange by daily volume
– Accepts new clients
– Constantly working on improvements

We will be making further announcements as we roll out Binance support to our clients.

Thank you for being with us!

We wanted to let you know that our affiliate program is now up and running!

You already have an affiliate link in your back office. We will pay 5% of the total revenue spent on subscriptions by investors and 5% of total revenue generated by experts who sign up through your affiliate link.

And here is the big announcement! We are giving away 1 LITECOIN (current value $250) to the individual with the most referrals by the end of January 2018!

1 LTC will be sent to the wallet address of your choosing. Let’s bring in more members to CopyMe and have a fantastic January!

To get started click here – https://copyme.io/member/aff/aff