Three traders working in synergy on ALT portfolio

Base Currency: BTC
Trading Method: Manual 
Trading Style: Swing
Exchange: Binance
Price/mo: $49

We are a group of anonymous traders. Our performance speaks for itself, you can copy our trades with confidence.

What is our objective?

Our main goal is to help others that cannot manage these markets themselves. We have had success in many other markets but the beauty of crypto and blockchain intrigued us and drew us to crypto trading in 2015. As most of us went through the 2017 Bull-run, it was relatively easy for anyone trading crypto to make a substantial gain, however, it is during the bearish trends and stagnant markets where successful traders emerge. We have, and will continue to strive, to beat any HODLing strategy during any market conditions.

What makes us different from signals and other competitors?

Statistics, most of the time, does not lie. Have a look at our results and how often we close our trades (DAILY), how many trades we close, as well as our average gain %. Over the past 2 years we have profited way over market. Every single trade is executed almost instantly using software, therefor all you have to do is set-up your account and check in every-so often to see your performance.

Why are we making our strategy available to the world?

As I’ve mentioned before, our primary goal is to help others in this market. We find personal satisfaction from helping others through profiting from our trades, as well as creating an additional stream of income at the same time. There is no down-side to us bringing our strategy to the world.


When did our portfolio tracking start at
– 2020/08/16

Average profit?
– See live results below

Below you can find the necessary information about our trading system:

  • Portfolio focus: Bitcoin accumulation.
  • Trading method: Manual
  • Trading style: Swing

Our trades are always executed in Bitcoin markets, focusing primarily on higher volume coins. Please do note that past performance is no indication of future results, even though we are highly confident in our trading.


Telegram channel for this portfolio: